Angel Tattoo Goa
Angel Tattoo Goa

Angel Tattoo Goa

The angel tattoo Goa best experience to make this design, angels are still considered one of the most adorable representations of heavenly beings

This is my client from England UK he is a traveller, he is travelling around the world,

coming to Goa and visit my tattoo shop Jesu Tattoo Studio Goa,

He got one old tattoo on his arm, that is tribal tattoo, that one it’s not good and he don’t like the design,

that tattoo he done in London, after few years, he think i want to remove that one, 

but remove cost that is very expensive, he search on google, among the most unique and elegant tattoos

who is the best tattoo artist in Goa, he so many options, he search best tattoo studio in Goa,

finally he liked my work, and he decide to come visit my studio, 

he come and ask me i want to remove this tattoo ( his old tattoo)

I said i don’t have that kind of equipment to remove the tattoo,

but i have one option if you like it so i tell you, he said tell me,

I said don’t remove your tattoo if you want to cover up some another tattoo design so it is possible, 

He said wow can you do that for me? I said sure why not, finally we select Angel tattoo angel tattoo for cover up,

and I took seven hours to make this tattoo,that my client was so happy after finish this tattoo, he said amazing work, you are done Tattoo was covered up properly, you are Best Tattoo Artist in Goa

If you like my Tattoo work so book you’re appointment for tattoo,

call me on this number, 9822877024 Or  you want to see my more work login my website

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