Featured Tattoo Designs and Art Work of 2018

This Best collection of  original patterns depicts all of today’s most popular tattoo subjects.

From best selling artist, author and designer Lora Irish comes the Great Book of Tattoo Designs, Revised Edition, an appealing and high quality collection of Jesu Tattoo Calangute, Goa original tattoo patterns.

Featuring an extensive variety of popular subjects including floral, fantasy, Celtic, pagan, gothic, sacred, oriental and mythical, this book provides any artist or individual searching for the right tattoo with an unlimited resource of designs. Each pattern can be used individually, in combination with others in the book, or as inspiration for creating new original art. This new edition of a classic resource provides limitless inspiration for personal expression. From Jesu Tattoo studio, Goa. Indians to fairies and flowers, it makes the perfect companion for anyone with an interest in tattoos.

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