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About Jesu Tattoo: created more than 10,000 unique and custom tattoos for individuals across more than 16 countries.

As you enter the Jesu Tattoo, the mood changes to something more traditional mixed with the distinct smell and ambiance that only a tattoo studio holds.

Designed essentially to look like an fashioned Tattoo Studio and embellished in original artwork from some of the India’s best tattooists, Some intriguing artwork from previous exhibitors of the gallery, the space is packed with creativity and interest. We have a Experienced team of resident tattooists who specialise in various styles, plus Our Founder Tattoo Artist Shashi Vaghela.

Established in 2009 on Ceter of Calangute Goa, Opposite Clangute SBI Bank, Jesu Tattoo is an award winning custom tattoo studio with a proven track record for delivering top quality tattoos at good prices. Our artists will work with you to create the exact design you’re after in a relaxed, comfortable and clean environment.


Come by the shop anytime to discuss your ideas with a member of the team who will give you the best advice for your tattoo.

Alternatively, you can contact us with details at the bottom of this page to book an appointment or free consultation. Prices start at ₹ 1500 and Walk ins are welcome too! Prices for tattoos are based on size and on how detailed the tattoo is.09


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Getting Tattoos has become craze among youth in current era. We (Jesu Tattoo) are the leading Tattoo Artist, who provide you complete Tattoo Design just as permanent & temporary tattoos. Tattoo Design is a kind of art where a lot of skills are required. At Jesu tattoo we have experts who have deep knowlwdge of qualitative tattoos, hygiene & customization of tattoos as per client’s requirements. Our experts focuses on international hygienic standards and environment of studio. Equipment used in our studio is neat and clean and every time we use new needles.


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Fairy Tattoo Goa

Fairy Tattoo done by Best Tattoo Artist in Goa India
Fairy Tattoo done by Best Tattoo Artist in Goa India

Fairy tattoo Goa, fairy is very popular design on girls or women,

This is a feminine design, this fairy is very different,

Fairy Sitting on the moon, colourful wings, Great art,

this client is coming from new Delhi to calangute, she like to decide this tattoo on her back,

one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a diminutive human form and possessing magical powers

with which they intervene in human affairs.

Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive, a contemptuous term used to refer to a male homosexual

Fairy, also spelled faerie or faery, a mythical being of folklore and romance usually having magic powers and dwelling on earth in close relationship with humans,

fairy is a mythical, magical creature. Most fairies in stories are described as looking like tiny humans with wings,

Fairy has at times been used as an adjective, with a meaning equivalent to “enchanted” or ” recurring motif of legends about fairies

Did you have a dream about a fairy? Learn about the symbol meaning of fairies in our dreams and understand what it means to see a fairy in a dream.

Fairies show up in fables, myths, and fairy tales, usually as kind and lovely creatures with magical powers, although sometimes fairies are mischievous or even spiteful.

This tattoo I use radiant ink, and Star-bright ink, in India many people and specially girls like colourful tattoo, best tattoo shop calangute

this art done by Artist shashi vaghela at Jesu Tattoo Studio, best price

My tattoo shop, is totally hygienic. and Saif, tattoo price is Reasonable and affordable,

thank you so much

Wings Tattoo Goa

The Wings tattoo Goa done by Artist Shashi Vaghela at Jesu Tattoo Studio Goa,

wings tattoo is a beautiful and meaningful way to express your love of freedom and movement, remember someone you loved who has 

this client is coming to my studio and he asked me

I want a big wings tattoo on my back,

he told me I like to flying on the sky, I am a freedom person,

he is committed, that’s why he written between the wings

his wife’s name Pallavi, he told me my wife is like a angel for me,

he told me my wife is like Angel for me,

and she’s so beautiful so pretty,

I love her, i want tattoo on my a black grey tattoo on his back,

flying wings tattoo,wings look so pretty, 

I took 4 hours to make this tattoo,

i pappy to make this kind of stuff, hearts can represent love, strength and energy,

while wings often designate freedom

and the ability to fly away,

thus, the combination of the two symbols

can demonstrate your free spirited nature

and love of freedom, Wings allow birds and insects to fly symbolically

they can represent speed, Angel wings these elegant tattoo design represents freedom, protection,

and the need to be close to god, a tattered or broken pair of angel wings symbolised a struggle with one’s faith,

you like our work so please contact me

the best tattoo studio in Goa

and best tattoo artist in Goa, Jesu tattoo studio in Goa 

Shashi Jeevan Vaghela My mobile number 9822877024

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Ganesha Tattoo Goa

This Ganesha Tattoo Goa,

Ganesha, also spelled Ganesh, also called Ganapati, elephant headed Hindu god of beginnings,

who is traditionally worshipped before any major enterprise

and is the patron of intellectuals, bankers, scribes, and authors.

Like a rat and like an elephant, Ganesha is a

remover of obstacles,Ganesha also known as Ganapati, Vinayaka,

or by numerous other names, is one of the.

the name Ganesha is a Sanskrit compound, joining the words gana {gaṇa}, meaning a group, multitude,

or categorical system and isha, Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Parvati and

he is the brother of Karthikeya (or Subrahmanya),

the god of war.

she moulded into the shape of a boy

As a reward for his great courage in fighting the demons, Shiva made ganesha 

the leader of the bhuta ganas, hence

his name is ganesh  created by Parvati Maa

Hence his name, ganesha was created by Parvati, without shiva

Ganesha obstructed Shiva from entering his own house. 

Shiva beheaded him and replaced his head with an elephant’s, Parvati is the universe and Shiva is its God,

and the son of Parvati is us, so in that way Shiva destroys the ego and replaces it with wisdom

Hi the Lord Ganesha tattoo Goa done by Artist name Shashi Vaghela at

Jesu Tattoo Studio Goa India, 

This tattoo is before black and grey, that Shared is Fade out, some other artist do this work in goa he searching

best tattoo shop near me

tattoo artist near me, the client was coming in my shop,

Told me I want to recolour this Ganesha tattoo again,

So we finally decide the not black and grey but colourful tattoos will do,

I took three hours to make this tattooz, I took three hours to make this tattoo

After finish the tattoos look totally change and very beautiful, 

My client was so happy and me too, Best Tattoo Studio in Goa

If you like this Tattoos so contact me 9822877034 

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Owl dream catcher tattoo

Owl dream catcher tattoo
Owl dream catcher tattoo

The Owl Dream catcher  Tattoo Goa This design is so popular everywhere, 

Purpose & Meaning of the Dream Catcher. Sometimes referred to as “Sacred Hoops,” Ojibwe dream catchers were traditionally used as talismans to protect sleeping people,

usually children, from bad dreams and nightmares. Good dreams pass through and gently slide down the feathers to comfort the sleeper

or if you feel or you need a break from the working of your dreamcatcher,

simply lay it down on a flat surface to render it inactive until you to ready to hang it up again

Many believe that dreamcatchers indeed originated in the Ojibwa Nation, and that during the pan-Indian movement of the

1960s and 1970s, they were adopted by Native Americans of a number of different Nations in an effort to show solidarity

This is my client coming from Australia, she want Dreamcatcher tattoo on her write forearm, but she like Owl also so we combine both, 

tattoo We make black and grey tattoo only,

no colour add, we added some nice feather both side, I took two hours to make this tattoo, 

Tattoo done by Best tattoo artist in goa, Shop name the Best tattoo studio in goa is Jesu tattoo studio Goa, 

I use best quality Ink for tattoo kuro sumi and dynamic ink,

don’t think get the ink now, Tattoo Calangute

for make your creative design, anything in your mind, you just think

I will Ink, any question for Tattoo so contact me on this number- 9822877024. Or

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Artist name Shashi Jeevan Vaghela at tattoo Calangute Goa